Ancient Pear
Ancient Pear
In life, we find wisdom in the
purity of our heart
and our well-being
rejoices in its abundance.

**The new Fall and Holiday 2017 Memory Blocks will be available to order online starting August 25th for shipping in mid-September. For earliest available shipments of new releases, please contact your local retailer!**
Name: Ancient Pear
Collection: 2017 - Fall: Infinity Collection
Tile #: T430
Price: $98
Status: Available For Purchase
Size: 6x8 in.
About this Collection

This fall, Sid introduces the Infinity Collection.

This collection touches on sentiments of mindfulness, commitment, and individual responsibilities to move forward in a world of limitless possibilities and choices.

It is through our personal determination that we all can make a difference to ensure our world is nourished and everlasting.