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Gameboards and Tablets

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About This Collection

This Fall from Sid Dickens’ studio, two new forms emerge. Those familiar with Dickens’ early work will recognize in Gameboards an homage to some of the first works of art ever created in his original Eastside Vancouver studio c.1990, well before Memory Blocks came to be established and loved by collectors worldwide. Tablets mark a new direction in Sid's work and the introduction of a more distinctly modern style, with a larger scale befitting that of a well-considered portrait painting. A return to his original process of cracking each work individually ensures every piece in this collection will be unique. Please join us in welcoming these new forms to the catalogue of Sid Dickens' work.  The mosaic playground of the Gameboard's elaborate and multi-faceted surface is rich with graphic images and text, evocative yet enigmatic. This format was loosely based on that of traditional gameboards, with an added level of meaning and playful mystery. Sid aims to tell a story through the interaction between the images he juxtaposes. Likewise, the viewer is invited to personally decode these age-old symbols and their infinite complexities. This early process foretells the eventual evolution of Memory Blocks.