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2006 - Fall: Carthage

Tile No:  T178

The Kiss

Tender is the offering of innocence born. Giving freely; therein lies The rosebud bloom of youth.


Size: 6X8 in. | Please note that slight differences when compared to the image should be expected due to the handmade nature of the Memory Blocks. | Released: 2006 - Retired: 2010

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About This Collection

Artists have their materials to speak for them. Sid Dickens’ Carthage collection offers us a glimpse of change, a true alchemy of eloquence allowing the mysterious workings of weather and time to penetrate and enliven the images, ornament and sculpture that comprise this collection.Evoking dreams of buried treasure, the pitted and eroded surfaces of these new pieces pattern the traces of time left in limestone and sand.  Dickens shares with us his deep love of life and beauty; finding what is precious in the pitting and marking of a shell’s surface, shards of porcelain and broken vases, submerged and forgotten.  He bridges the chasm of time by pulling from the ocean’s burial ground magic jewels of simplicity.This collection has the evocative presence of a watery portal into the past itself.

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