Meet The Founder

Sid Dickens, founder and creative director of Sid Dickens Inc explains the concept behind the company and shares where his endless passion and inspiration for his work comes from.

What is the concept behind the company?

The concept behind the company is to introduce actual craft the original way, the way it was done centuries ago, but with a contemporary twist. Featuring evocative and historical subjects to create poetic arrays that ultimately translate into wonderful and inspiring wall displays. The company started just with me in 1994, I founded it after living in Mexico and travelling extensively throughout Europe... and it came really out of passion for the product as a very democratic and versatile way to express all my creative ideas, making them easily available to the public. I found it out of passion and without a dollar in my pocket! I come from a hard-working family of fisherman and I was lucky enough to inherit a very honest, hands-on and strict work ethics. I have always applied it to everything I do. Hence, I'm still in the business after all these years! Working with the same energy and attention to detail.

"When things come out of passion they develop organically, and for me, it has never felt like work but more like part of myself - perhaps as a cure to my compulsive need for creating beautiful objects and being surrounded by them.

My work is my passion and I adore every single aspect of it!"

How do people relate to your work?

People like to feel they are an integral part of the story of humanity, and my tiles have the weight and feel of another era, a time when things were more permanent and long-lasting. I think it's this aspect of the tiles that make people want to reach out.

In essence, they want to touch history. Our Memory Blocks somehow help them to add their own personality and a touch of eccentricity into their spaces. People create their personal piece of art, making a jigsaw puzzle with the tiles and using their own artistic eye - I create a tile from my own perspective and then people interpret it in another way, much like fine art. That's really special and somehow unusual for a piece of affordable decor.

"Quality is incredibly important for me, because I don't believe you can create good design in poor quality"

Explain the uniqueness of the creation process designed by you.

Quality is incredibly important for me because I don't believe you can create good design in poor quality. Our Memory Blocks are conceived to become life companions to their owners so quality and attention to detail is what makes them so widely appreciated. In the production process. there are at least 5 different stages and each person in each one of those stages are a specialist who has taken a long time to learn its trade. Every detail sums up to produce a very special object and everyone who works here is passionate about what they do and about design. Nothing makes us prouder than learning how our Memory Blocks become part of the customer’s lives.